How It Works

The first step is to start or join a team. A group of five to twelve members that will work together to lower their collective carbon footprint. Teams meet once a month to discuss environmental articles, videos and movies related to carbon emissions and strategize on how to best reduce them. Teams can be formed in your community, workplace or organization.
It’s the reduction in emissions that most counts towards accumulating points.Cool Climate Calculator Additional points can be earned through success with periodic “challenge” opportunities. Both of these methods are used to determine each player’s points score with the team’s score being the average of all members’ individual scores. Emissions-based points are derived from players’ real carbon footprint numbers. (The Sustainable Lifestyles Game utilizes the CoolClimate Calculator from the UC Berkeley Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory.)
Each team competes against others in a league. On a monthly basis each team’s score is posted to the league scoreboard, and the game is on! Team scores are visible to the public – any player can see how its’ team is doing relative to the others – but individual player scores are kept private.
After signing up, each player receives their SLG Workbook. This electronic “Gamebook” is full of insightful articles & videos, discussion questions and methods to help transform know-how into effective action. The Gamebook is a tool to help players find, better understand and navigate their individual path to a more sustainable lifestyle with greater wellbeing.
Creating a real ‘team’ culture – a community of like-minded individuals with common values that come together for the common cause – is at the heart of the game. Building new and strengthening existing relationships through sharing and supporting each other in the pursuit of a challenging and meaningful objective is one of life’s most rewarding endeavors. Being a part of one of these teams will not only lead to success with the primary objective of emissions reductions, it will lead to it being an enjoyable, health enrichening and fun experience.
Each month teams gather in at a central meeting location – a home, workplace, community center, school, library, café, etc. Discussions are centered on the rich articles from the Gamebook — the custom-made sustainability course culled from the Northwest Earth Institute’s library of content – plus recent and relevant environmental movies.
In its first season, the Sustainable Lifestyles Game is looking for players that not only want to lower their carbon footprint through a conscious effort with like-minded individuals. We also need players willing to supply feedback and make recommendations on how this game experience may be improved. Just like science, this effort is an experiment – a learning process for how to minimize artificial wants and maximize real human needs. In the current-day consumer society, we are led to believe that it’s normal for our wants and desires to escalate unappeased beyond the carrying capacity of the planet. However, we truly only need clean air, water and soil for healthy food. And, in order to optimize the quality of human life – one’s wellbeing – positive psychology promotes five traits. Through consciously strengthening the qualities of Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships (healthy), Meaning and Accomplishment humans flourish! It is intended that these five PERMA traits be instilled within the Sustainable Lifestyles Game. Are you willing to get behind this kind of effort?