Sign-Up vs. Registration Forms


There is a two-step process for playing the Sustainable Lifestyles Game – Carbon Cut Challenge. First, we would like to collect your contact information via our Sign-Up page so we may efficiently provide updates via email to all prospective players. This is the most efficient way for us to relay new information, important dates and ‘how to’ functionality about playing the game to everyone who is considering playing. The Sign Up information is also necessary for you to establish an account that allows you to use the online forum to communicate electronically amongst your teammates when playing the game. The Sign-Up page only asks for your name, email address, phone number and team (optional).


After you sign up you will be notified about how to register for playing the game. The Registration Form is the official process for committing to play the game for the whole season. (While playing the game is voluntary, we strongly encourage players who start it, to finish it.) The Registration Form requires contact and demographic information and that you pledge to make a donation to support the cost of development, administration and fixed-cost materials. (The suggested donation for playing the game is far below the true cost, it may be deferred and there are exemptions for anyone unable to afford it.) The demographic information is needed for the end-of-game aggregate-level analysis that will be the basis for a research study with a report (available to all players) used to determine the effectiveness of this game approach for reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing. After you sign-up you will be notified about how you can register to play the game.